Good Men Project

Good Men Project Writing Prompts, Week of 9/23/13

good-men-projectHere are some ideas for GMP Arts and Entertainment articles. Don’t see anything you like? Check out last week’s list. Still not finding anything? My door is wide open. Send me what you have, what you want to pitch, or even your random thoughts. We’ll talk about them.

Remember: First-person narratives in the 800-1,500 word range that deal somehow with men are in the sweet spot.


Salinger: It’s out, and Holden Caufield figures heavily in a lot of guys’ lives. Have you seen it? What did you think? Or what do you think of Salinger? Or Catcher in the Rye?

Prisoners: I haven’t seen it, have you? Looks like vengeful dads, might be a story there.

– Films new or old that impacted you — what’s the story?

Television:- The Big Bang Theory actors are looking for huge raises. Is there an angle for a story there?

Sons of Anarchy is back and Breaking Bad is almost done. Surely there are GMP things to say about those two shows.

-Mad Men announced its last season- Lots of new Fall shows about dads and guys. Reviews, thoughts, etc. welcome

– TV new or old that impacted you — what’s the story? I’ve been on an old Six Million Dollar Man kick lately during my treadmill time, and I’m wondering how much of that leisure suit machismo worked its way into my psyche. What about yours?


– New collaboration from Elvis Costello and the Roots.

– Always looking for “Good Men Playlists.” Tell your story via a playlist. Here’s an example.

– Concert/album/song reviews

Fine Art:

– Florentijn Hofman’s giant duck is on tour. Is it art or put on? Why do people respond so enthusiastically to it?

– Are you an artist? What’s your story? Let’s kick it around

– Gallery/museum/show reviews


– reviews


– reviews

Other arts/entertainment outlets:

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