Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Friend Songs

Benjamin_Heinrich_Orth_Drei_Freunde_1835Jarod and I have been in touch over the years and we remain good friends. I haven’t talked to him in the last couple of years, but ours is one of those easy friendships that always picks up where it left off.  I’m very grateful for that

Anyway, not so well known songs about friends. Here are a few:

“You Are My Friend,” Rain Parade. This cut is off of one of my favorite paisley underground albums, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip.

“When You’ve Got A Good Friend,” Robert Johnson. This cut has been covered by every white bluesman in the last fifty years, but Johnson’s original is the one to beat.

“Waiting on a Friend,” Tall Firs. Another one of my “somebody sent me a promo” finds. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

“Friend of the Devil,” Lyle Lovett. This comes off of Deadicated, the Grateful Dead tribute album. If you’ve never seen Lyle Lovett live, fix that. He exudes humble charm.

“Racist Friend,” The Specials. I love The Specials and I don’t sneak enough ska into these lists. Maybe I’m a racist friend.

“Friends,” Led Zeppelin. One of the many great tracks off of Led Zeppelin III that remains underplayed in commercials, movies, and classic rock formats.

“Fine Art of Friendship,” King’s X. These guys are one of my favorite “should’ve been huge, just didn’t get there” bands.

“Me and My Friends,” Red Hot Chili Peppers. This one is off of The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, the last album before their rise to global domination. This is how I like my Chilis: fast and funky.

There are 3,284,963,425 more songs out there about friendship. I know—I counted. Which ones are your favorites? I’m listening.


“With A Little Help From My Friends,” George Burns.  Put Rhino’s Golden Throats series on your shopping list. If like me you’re a fan of bad celebrity cover songs they’re a must-have.

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  1. Never heard of Rain Parade, but I really like them! Also Tall Firs is cool. Fun fact – George Burns appeared in the movie Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band singing another Beatles song. Wouldn’t go on the Friends Songs list though. (Fixing a Hole) 🙂
    Racist Friend by The Specials made me think of You and Your Racist Friend by They Might Be Giants. Not because they sound alike….just, you know, racists friends.


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