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From the Stacks: The Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death

the godfathers birth school work

This is quite simply a great post-punk album: a little poppy but hooky as hell.

1988’s Birth, School, Work, Death was the band’s shot at breaking the States.  It didn’t do horribly, but honestly it was too good for a scene that was sucking down Warrant and Poison like they were the second coming.

There’s still a version of The Godfathers kicking around.  You can visit them here:

And as for their great 1988 album?  You can pick up a copy for a couple bucks and impress your hipster friends.  Happy hunting.

the godfathers birth school work 2

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  1. If I had foreseen the ruination of everything by the goddam hipsters then I might have proceeded directly from school to death. Resurrect disco and leave the poor Godfathers alone.


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