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From the Stacks: Alice Cooper – School’s Out

alice cooper schools out 1Another classic Alice Cooper package, this one from 1972.  You all know the title tune, but the one that really weirded me out as a kid was “Gutter Cat vs. the Jets,” which was a mash-up of Alice madness and West Side Story:

It’s a very cool album, but for maximum coolness get it on vinyl in the original “desk” album cover.  Talk about the golden age of packaging, check out what this little bastard can do:

alice cooper schools out 2alice cooper schools out 3The album itself originally came wrapped in a pair of paper panties, so for maximum collect-ability that’s the edition you want.  Without the panties you should be able to pick up a copy in the $25-$50 range, and with you can easily triple that.  Happy hunting.

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  1. Because I have Breaking Bad on the brain, I’m thinking about how years from now people will be talking about the cool way they packaged the DVD set. And the youngsters will wonder what a DVD is.


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