Good Men Project

GMP Writing Prompts, Week of 10/7/13

good-men-projectThere is so much going on in arts and entertainment right now that I’m not even sure where to begin, other than to tell you this: If you want to publish, stop screwing around and send me stuff. Seriously, I’m looking for music and film critics, television writers, people to write about live theater, concerts, etc. This is a great opportunity for young writers trying to build their C.V. by publishing on a site that literally gets millions of views.

Okay, now onto the standard stuff:

Here are some ideas for GMP Arts and Entertainment articles. Don’t see anything you like? Check out last week’s list. Still not finding anything? My door is wide open. Send me ( what you have, what you want to pitch, or even your random thoughts. We’ll talk about them.

Remember: First-person narratives in the 800-1,500 word range that deal somehow with men are in the sweet spot.


Gravity opened this weekend. Did you see it? Let’s hear about.

– Films new or old that impacted you — what’s the story?


– Both Bill Bryson and Mark Twain (!) released new books last week. What are your thoughts?


– Sweet Ghost of Two Darrens are there some horrible new shows featuring dads. There are some good ones, too. Lay it on me — what do you like and why?


– The New York Opera closed down this week. Why is that important, and what’s the impact of losing our cultural touchstones?

– Always looking for “Good Men Playlists.” Tell your story via a playlist. Here’s an example.

– Concert/album/song reviews

Fine Art:

– Are you an artist? What’s your story? Let’s kick it around

– Gallery/museum/show reviews


– reviews


– reviews

Comic books:

– reviews, essays

Video Games:

– reviews, opinion, essays

Other arts/entertainment outlets:

-Disney is moving several hundred of its park employees to full-time in order to get them health coverage. What are your thoughts?

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