Why It Matters to Havok’s Reece Scruggs

HavokEsterSegarra_4402If you like your metal extra crispy, Havok is your band.  The band dates to 2004, but there have been quite a few line up changes along the way. Guitarist Reece Scruggs came on board in 2010, and the band is all the better for it. His solos are clean and straight to the point, and so is he. Here’s what he had to say:

WIM: Your new album, Unnatural Selection, has been out for a couple of months now. How’s the reception been?

Reece: It’s been great, positive feedback all around. I’m glad that most people can realize that you don’t have to go a million miles an hour to be heavy. It takes skill as a player and songwriter to write heavy mid-paced or slower songs.

WIM: No doubt. You guys played to 45,000 people this summer down in Colombia. What was that like?

Reece: Playing a festival like that was a dream come true–so many people singing our songs, guitar lines and all. If felt like we were Iron Maiden [laughs].

WIM: Tell us a little about the New Wave of Thrash. Is there a new Big Three emerging out of that movement?

Reece: I try to write metal music. I didn’t start this band but I am a key component of the songwriting and lyric writing now and I’ll be damned if I ever write specifically just thrash tunes. It’s limiting and narrow-minded. I’d like to be known as the metal band Havok someday.

As for bands in the genre who are decent, Revocation, Skeletonwitch, Sylosis are my favorites. Vektor too, as well as a new band from St. Louis called Black Fast.

WIM: You guys are playing a lot of dates through the end of the year, not just here but also in Europe. How are you holding up? Any favorite moments to date?

Reece: Playing music in general is my favorite part. It’s why got into it in the first place, ya know?

WIM: Why does music matter to Reece Scruggs?

Reece: Music is important to me because it’s me expressing myself in so many ways. So many emotions to convey. Like painting a picture with audio. Taking a journey in metal madness!

You can follow Reece’s journey in metal madness, check out some songs and videos, and find a tour date near you at Havok’s website.

photo Ester Segarra. used with permission

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