Good Men Project

GMP Writing Prompts, Week of 10/14/13


Here are some ideas for GMP Arts and Entertainment articles. Don’t see anything you like? Check out last week’s list. Still not finding anything? My door is wide open. Send me ( what you have, what you want to pitch, or even your random thoughts. We’ll talk about them.

Remember: First-person narratives in the 800-1,500 word range that deal somehow with men are in the sweet spot.

Film: This was a great week for new movies that may have a GMP angle. Reviews/essays/opinions on any of the following would be great:

  •  Captain Phillips 
  • Machete Kills
  • Inequality For All
  • Don Jon
  • Gravity
  • Wadjda
  • Enough Said

– Films new or old that impacted you — what’s the story?

– Wanted: A GMP film critic. Looking for 1 piece/week minimum commitment.


– Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath is out. Thoughts?

– Check the NY Times Best Seller List. See anything you’d like to write about?

Wanted: A GMP book reviewer. Looking for 1 piece/week minimum commitment.


– What shows won’t you let your kids watch, and why?

– Wanted: A GMP TV writer. Looking for 1 piece/week minimum commitment.


– Lots of great new music last week. What are you listening to?

– Always looking for “Good Men Playlists.” Tell your story via a playlist. Here’s an example.

-Wanted:  GMP music crtics across all genres. Looking for 1 piece/week minimum commitment.

– Concert/album/song reviews

Fine Art:

– Are you an artist? What’s your story? Let’s kick it around

– Gallery/museum/show reviews


– reviews


– reviews

Comic books:

– reviews, essays

Video Games:

– reviews, opinion, essays: Here are some new and coming games.

-Wanted:  GMP games writer. Looking for 1 piece/week minimum commitment.

Other arts/entertainment outlets:

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  1. Okay I’m a little late on this, but there’s a new video from Killswitch Engage for the song “Always.” The song is not one of their best and videos don’t mean near as much as they used to, but this one is more like a film and says more in five minutes than some two-hour movies do. It’s about two brothers, apparently estranged, who get together for one last road trip when the older one learns he’s dying. They laugh, they fight, they cry. I cried, and it immediately made me think about GMP (which I love) because I think it says something about how helpless you feel when someone you love is dying, and the relationship between brothers. (Or at least that’s what it seemed to me. I didn’t grow up with brothers though, I’d be interested to hear what men think about it.)

    What their singer and lyricist, Jesse Leach, says about the video:

    I’d write something but A) I’m not a pro and B) I’m more interested in a man’s perspective on this.


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