Good Men Project

Good Men Project Writing Prompts, week of 10/28/2013

good-men-projectI’m going to keep it short and simple this week, no story ideas but just a call for contributors. My editorial world breaks into two categories:

Humor: I love anecdotal humor. Tell me the story about the time you fell in the toilet, your kid buried your car keys, whatever. The world needs more humor, so let’s get it out there.

Arts & Entertainment: This is where you have a huge and recurring opportunity.  A&E covers such a broad swath of the map that honestly I just can’t get to it all.

I know you read, watch television, go to the movies, visit museums, play video games, listen to music, go to shows, etc. Why not write about it? Turn that leisure time into published work, and then get out there and set the world on fire.

I’d love to have some regular contributors for news and reviews of the following:

  • Music (all genres)
  • Television
  • Film
  • Fine arts
  • Performance arts
  • Books/publishing
  • Comics
  • Video games

Interested? Get in touch with me at

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