Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Alice Cooper’s Halloween Candy

alice coopers halloween candyThis week’s “Deep Cuts” brought to you by resident WIM Alice Cooper historian Robbo, who in his day won many a Halloween contest with his Alice costume. It was a great costume, but Robbo’s pet boa constrictor really put it over the top.

Here we go:

Do you love Halloween? Do you love Alice Cooper? Well, then I’ve got a song list here that you’ll just love to death. From bad little boys and psychos to killers and necrophilia, here’s my Alice Cooper Halloween CD compilation I call Alice Cooper’s Halloween Candy.

This sick set will fit on a standard 80 minute CD. So get ’em, slap on some make-up and have yourself a creepy little Halloween!

1. Welcome To My Nightmare

2. Luney Tune
3. Former Lee Warmer
4. Sick Things

5. Go To Hell

6. Desperado
7. Ballad Of Dwight Fry

8. Public Animal #9

9. Gail
10. The Saga Of Jesse Jane
11. Dead Babies
12. Cold Ethyl

13. This House Is Haunted
14. I Love The Dead
15. Years Ago
16. Steven

17. The Awakening
18. Killer

photo Solange RennĂ³ e Felipe Flumignan / Flickr

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