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Good Men Project Writing Prompts, Week of 11/4/2013

good-men-projectAre you the person who is making the clock go faster? Stop it. Man, last week went by fast.

Here are some ideas for both GMP’s “Arts and Entertainment” and “Humor” sections:

Humor: Don’t be afraid to exaggerate details of your true story for humorous effect. Get weird, go big.  Think Bill Bryson, Mark Twain, Dave Barry, Hunter Thompson. Trust that your readers will understand the squirrel that bit you wasn’t actually eleven feet tall with teeth like stilletos.

Arts and Entertainment: 

I’m still looking for regular contributors on the following topics:

  • Music (all genres)
  • Television
  • Film
  • Fine arts
  • Performance arts
  • Books/publishing
  • Comics
  • Video games

Additionally, the following articles caught my eye this week that might be great springboards for stories/essays by you:

And finally, here are some standing requests:

  • The Good Men Playlist: Have a music playlist that somehow relates to men? Lay it on me. Last week’s was fantastic.
  • Movies that were somehow important to your development. This piece on Ghostbusters did really well.
  • Good Men Profiles: I’d like to see more of these. Have a favorite male artist, writer, entertainer, etc? Write up a short profile, 500 words or so about him and let other people discover his greatness. Here is an example.

Nothing grabbing you or want to talk more? I’m always open to pitches and cold submissions. Please get in touch:

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