Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Station. Wagon.

Station WagonThey were big, they were ugly, and if anybody ever wrote a song about one I don’t have it in my stacks.

So what’s a desperate playlist maker to do when deadline looms and his brilliant idea isn’t panning out?

Punt, of course:

“South Station Blues,” The Joe Perry Project. Remember when Joe left Aerosmith back in ’79 while the rest of the band imploded? Artistically he came out on top in that feud, as you can hear in this tasty blues jam:

“Wagon Wheel,” Lou Reed. One from the recently departed legend. We miss you, Lou!

“Station,” thenewno2. This is Beatle George’s son Dhani’s band. There are moments where his voice and appearance make his DNA impossible to overlook, but he’s got his own thing going on and it’s very good. Check it out:

“Bandwagon,” R.E.M. A Fables-era B-side. That’s right: Their throwaways were better than everybody else’s A-sides. And then they sucked for a little while, and then they retired.

“Down by the Station,” The Four Preps. Lest we forget that this is “Deep Cuts,” here’s a pre-Beatles lump of sugar. Check out who is wearing a Prospector Pete beard in the intro.

“Taco Wagon,” The De-Fenders. Okay, never mind that frat boy crap. Let’s go to the beach and hang out with Moondoggy.

“Station to Station,” The Merry Thoughts. A twisted take on one of my favorite Bowie songs, which was twisted already.

“Peewagon,” Papa Roach. One of Sacramento’s finest getting it done. Rawk!

And there you have it: Station. Wagon. songs. Please forgive me.

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  1. You done good! I really like Dhani Harrison’s band. What came to mind for me was that Walk the Moon song, Anna Sun –

    “Live my life without
    Station wagon rides
    Fumbling around the back
    Not one seat belt on”


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