Deep Cuts

From the Stacks: The Scramblers – Cycle Psychos

The Scramblers Cycle PsychosI don’t really know much about The Scramblers, but Cycle Psychos fit this week’s motorcycle theme so I pulled it out of my stacks.

To the best of my knowledge these guys were just another early sixties hot rod band, most likely studio musicians churning out Beach Boys – style cuts. Here’s a taste:

I’m in it for the cover, though. and this is a great one. Cycle Riding Dave Ekins accompanies himself on a trail ride here, and neither of he can keep the front wheel on the ground. I guess that’s makes him cycle psychos; well, that and the multiple personality.

The real enigma here is the subtitle “Our Leader: Gene Shacove.” Could that be the celebrity hairstylist upon which the movie Shampoo was based? If you know the answer please let me know.

Expect to pay under ten bucks for this one unless you’re in a really hipster record shop.Happy hunting.

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