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Foghat, Lincoln, California 11/29/2013

DSC_0167One thing about gigging for forty years: You get really good at it. Foghat might not draw the way they did during their seventies heyday, but that has nothing to do with their musicianship.

The rhythm section of that classic ’70s lineup—Craig MacGregor on bass and drummer (and founding member) Roger Earl—is still intact and they still boogie like nobody’s business. Both remain in fighting trim despite being eligible for the senior discount, no doubt because they remain two of the hardest working men on the road.

Sadly, the front line lost founding members Dave Peverett and Rod Price, so a Foghat Live reunion shall never be, but lead guitarist Bryan Bassett has been with this lineup since The Biebs was in diapers, and rhythm guitarist/singer Charlie Huhn has been up front since 2000.

Don’t mistake Huhn’s and Bassett’s comparably short tenures as lack of experience. Charlie Huhn was handling vocals for Uncle Ted back in the Weekend Warriors days, and had runs both with Gary Moore and Humble Pie. Bryan Bassett literally was the white boy playing that funky music with Wild Cherry, and he spent a little time with Molly Hatchet.

So,this latest version of Foghat has deep music roots and a lot of miles on their collective tour bus, and their ten song set is all the better for it. These guys are tight. They lock into a groove for opener “Road Fever” and they don’t let up until the last triumphant note of final encore “Slow Ride.”  Along the way they hit career highlights “Fool for the City,” “Home in My Hand,” and “I Just Want to Make Love to You” along with some crowd pleasing deep cuts and blues covers.

Local hero Jeff Keith, Tesla’s lead singer, made a surprise appearance for “Slow Ride,” sharing a mic with bassist MacGregor.

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  1. Very happily surprised to see a picture of my daughter and I when my search results for Foghat popped up! lol. Thank you!


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