Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs About Years

year songs
Sure I could give you a list of starting fresh songs, but how about some songs about years instead?

“1921,” The Who. From the legendary Tommy. Much like the new year, the song starts with the promise of a good year, and next thing you know it all goes to shit. But I’m not bitter.

“’39,” Queen. A brilliant Brian May cut, and though the video is poor quality you get Freddie in a leotard. Come on!

“1943 A.D.,” The Swimming Pool Q’s. A great band that just never made the big time.

“1969,” The Stooges. One of my all-time favorite bands. To know Iggy is to love him.

“1977,” The Clash. The only band that matters. Clash city rockers!

“1984,” David Bowie. Now Halloween Jack is a real cool cat, but why was he singing about 1984 back in 1974? Well, because Bowie wrote a concept album based on Orwell’s novel, but couldn’t get George’s widow to pony up the rights. The Dame’s 1984 project became the classic Diamond Dogs and there you have it. But does it really matter? Look how damned cool he was.

“1999,” Limp Bizkit. Sweet fancy Moses. This actually happened.

“2000 Man,” The Rolling Stones. The late ’60s and early ’70s were the Stones’ creative peak, as this gem proves.

“2112 Overture,” Rush. Making a list of songs about years and not including Rush’s 2112 is flirting with disaster. Rush fans are some of the most dedicated, enthusiastic music lovers you’ll ever meet. And they’re nice, too. Overlooking their favorite band’s masterpiece could’ve led to; well, maybe a strongly worded letter along the lines of “Cool list, but what aboot Rush, eh?”

In the Year 2525,” Zager and Evans. Well, 500 years in the future is as good of a place as any to call it. I hope your 2014 lacks zombies, dystopia, silver robes, and bar codes on your heads. But if you get a lead on a jet pack let me know. I was promised they’d be commonplace by the time I was a grown-up.

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