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From the Stacks: Louis Prima – Call of the Wildest

Louis Prima Call of the WildestThe problem with Louis Prima is that every bad goombah movie and shitty Italian restaurant chain goes directly to his catalog to soundtrack their faux experiences. Prima is aural shorthand for candles in Chianti bottles and checkered tablecloths. This is where I kiss my fingertips and wave them in the air.

But much like that forgotten knight of the Round Table who liked big butts, I cannot lie: I love Louis Prima. Tossing Louis and Keely on the turntable is a guaranteed smile, even at my mopiest. Here’s a tasty cut from Call of the Wildest:

Seriously, what’s not to love? Even if you hate the music that album cover had to elicit a little smile, didn’t it?

This one is a $10 add to your stacks, so what are you waiting for? Pick it up, put it on, and have some fun. Happy hunting.

Louis Prima Call of the Wildest back

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