April’s Picks: January 2014

April MoseleyThe rather magnificent Ms. April is back with her monthly list of tasty cuts that you can’t do without. This is a killer playlist, so let’s get on with it:
1.) “BMX”, Hobosexual (Hobosexual II). “Put your lips up to the speaker, breathe out slowly with the beat.” A heavy, sexy, driving track from this group out of Seattle, WA. Complete with haunting backing vocals. Solid. (FYI: a hobosexual is the opposite of a metrosexual.)
(No clip. Preview and dowload track here.)
2.) “Heart”, DARKSIDE (Psychic). “What do I look like to you?” A sparse, skeletal beat kicks of this slowburner.Stay with it, as the regimented beats are cut with sinewy guitars and thick overdubs. A thick, heady brew of electronica, best served loud.
3.) “That Lonliness”, Jagwar Ma (Howlin‘). “I wanted to hear you say what ought’ve been the truth.” This bouncy, airy cut has the glint of a sunny California day.  Driving and matter of fact, this song is brought to us by the duo hailing from Austrailia. (Thanks Anniebanannie!)
4.) “The Very Beginning”, The Sadies (Internal SoundsI). “This is God’s gig, but in reverse. Our precious Earth is the howlin’ Heaven of the universe.” This tune captures the gritty sound that came about as grunge (think Screaming Trees) was coming to the forefront.
5.) “Born Under A Good Sign”, The Mission (The Brightest Light). “I’ve got pornography and a mirror covered in dust. I found religion and a habit I can trust.” A well produced aural onslaught. The bass player is very busy on this cut.  Dig.
6.) “Slumville Sunrise”, Jake Bugg (Shangri La). “Shine away, in the mornin’, cross this place I was born in.  Every bruise, every flower illuminated by the dawnin’.” A scittering rockabilly-punk gem.  Even more awesome: this kid is not even 20 years old!
7.) “Independence Day”, Walking Papers (Walking Papers). “Don’t let me stand in your way. This is Independence day.” A foreboding guitar riff kicks off this track and permeates throughout.  Formed in Seattle, WA, members include Duff McKagen.
8.) “World Domination”, Free Fall (Power & Volume). “I want world domination!!” Crunchy loud guitars: check. Lots ‘o feedback: check. Heavy handed drummer: check. Lead singer with scream range: check. Go Swedes, go!
9.) “You and Me”, Luscious Jackson (Magic Hour). “You and me, we got somethin’ good.” A playful, rollicking track celebrating the joy of finding that person that “gets” you.  ‘Better together’, indeed.  Thanks, ladies!
(No clip. Preview and download track here.)
10.) “Let it Loose”, Gregg Bissonette (Warning Will Robinson). “I been where you are now, tryin’ to hold back. All you get for your reservations is a crick in your neck.” A wonderfully funky, high paced track from this well-respected studio/touring drummer.  Props to the rhythm section: that’s brother, Matt, giving the bass a workout.
(No clip. Preview and download track here.)

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