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From the Stacks: Bob Brozman – Hello Central…Give Me Dr. Jazz

Bob Brozman Hello CentralI picked this one up because the cover promised nothing but goodness: resonator guitars, a harp guitar, George Winston on piano. Come on! And it was on the mighty Rounder Records label, which is like a blessing from the blues pope. I wasn’t disappointed.

Bob Brozman was a brilliant guitarist, playing slide and fingerstyle guitar as well as anybody out there. Check him out:

He was also a brilliant musicologist, had great stage patter and by all accounts was a great teacher, so when he killed himself in April 2013 his dedicated fan base was rightfully upset. Unfortunately for those same fans, shortly after Brozman’s death the rumors began swirling that he had a history of child molestation, including toddlers.

I considered chucking this album when the news broke, but what would that change? Brozman is still dead, his alleged victims remain damaged, and his legacy is forever tainted. But I can’t listen to it anymore without feeling queasy, so Hello Central.. just sits in my stacks now, unloved and unplayed, another reminder that great artists and great people aren’t necessarily the same thing.

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