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From the Stacks: The Police – Sting the Girls and Make Them Die

Police Sting the Girls and Make Them Die FrontThe Police were one of nature’s most perfect bands, especially in the early days. This double album bootleg captures two 1979 shows, one at New York’s Palladium Theater and the other at the Beeb in London. We’ve seen lots of official BBC releases over the last few years, so maybe we’ll get lucky and this boot will get a cleaned up official release eventually. Until then, you’re looking at the 40 dollar range to pick this one up from a record retailer, though you might find one cheaper on the auction sites.

Here’s the track listing:

      1. There’s A Hole In My Life
      2. Death Wish
      3. Fall Out
      4. Bring On The Night
      5. Next To You
      6. So Lonely
      7. Truth Hits Everybody
      8. Walking On The Moon
      9. I Can’t Stand Losing You
      10. So Lonely
      11. Fall Out
      12. The Bed’s To Big Without You
      13. Message In A Bottle
      14. Roxanne

Police Sting the Girls and Make Them Die back

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