An Interview With Cinderella’s Tom Keifer

TOM KEIFERFast forward 25 years. My days as a Record Bar flunky directing the crowd at a Cinderella in-store appearance are long gone. So are the days of almost being trampled by Fat Boys fans.

I’m on the phone with Cinderella front man Tom Keifer, breaking the ice before we start working on the following piece for The Good Men Project.

“We actually met a long time ago,” I say. “Not that you’d remember.”

“Oh yeah? Where?” Tom says.

“Savannah, Georgia. You guys made an in-store appearance at the record store where I worked. You know, I have to tell you: You guys were all so nice, real pros. I never forgot that. We had some groups come in that we’re just total assholes.”

“I never saw the point in treating people badly,” Tom says. “We always appreciated everything that was happening for us.”

Anyway, the piece we put together turned out really great. It’s all about Tom’s long road back from a potentially career-ending throat problem. Check it out here.






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  1. Great interview. I was a Cinderella fan back in the day but kind of lost track of them, I’ll have to check out some of Tom’s solo stuff. I always thought Cinderella didn’t deserve to be lumped in with the “hair bands” (which they probably were only because of their association with Bon Jovi.) Those guys had some real, serious blues undertones to their music and could really play, unlike a lot of the hair metal acts *cough* Poison *cough*….


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