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From The Stacks: Herbie Mann – Push Push

Herbie Mann Push FrontOh, man. We have a new contender for champion of the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame. If you’ve ever wanted to relive the shame and embarrassment of seeing your dad naked, keep Herbie Mann’s Push Push on hand.

You may have noticed the flute on hirsute Herbie’s shoulder. That’s no prop – the dude rocked the jazz flute. If you’re looking for the real life Ron Burgundy, you’ve found your man. Herbie lays down some serious baby making music on this record, none more so than the title cut. Ready to get your freak on?

I get that you might think I’m reading into things here — half naked man carrying a chrome phallus, jamming about “pushing”? Herbie didn’t want you to be confused, so he drove his point home with a flocked, i.e., “feels like velvet,” photo on the album’s gatefold sleeve:

Herbie Mann Push Gatefold

So what will this baby makin’ record from 1971 set you back? You’re looking at the 5-10 dollar range. Happy hunting.

Herbie Mann Push back

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  1. Hello,

    My partner and I run a music venues in Saskatchewan called Flav’r Country. Herbie Mann’s album, Push Push, is in our favourite top ten house records.

    What are your favourite records? Have you heard I Robot by Alan P? I am interested in what awesome 70s groove you’re into.

    Your friends Lazer and Bridget from Flav’r Country


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