From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Adam Stag Party Special Number 3

Adam Stag Party Special 3 FrontOh, the party record. It’s such a foreign idea, inviting over a bunch of guys, busting out the highball glasses and the Vienna sausages stabbed with ornamental toothpics and listening to an album full of dirty jokes.

bert henry detailBut it was a viable genre for many years. Redd Foxx was the king of the party records, but Bert Henry did okay.

He was an odd looking dude for the dirty joke business, but maybe that was part of his charm. It’s certainly part of his charm in retrospect: the corny jokes, the nerdy appearance, it’s all just so wonderfully dorky.

And this record is really dorky. Here’s a taste:

So what can you expect to pay for such a fine piece of American history? Maybe a buck in your local charity shop, and 5-10 dollars online. Happy hunting.

Adam Stag Party Special 3 Back

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