Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: 8 Songs About Whiskey

whiskey songsYou are reading this in the future. Are you wearing a silver robe? Do you still have a name, or just a bar code?

I guess you aren’t reading this in the future but in your present, and although I’m writing this in the present I’m also writing it in your past. This fourth dimension stuff can get very confusing.

See, next week when you’re reading what I’m writing, I’ll be in Ireland celebrating St. Patrick’s Day courtesy of a well known whiskey distiller. If we’re Twitter buddies you’ve seen me tweeting about my trip (or you will), and if you follow me on The Good Men Project you’ve read at least one story from that campaign.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Ireland is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and I’m having a great time. Seems like a safe bet, given I’ll be touring a distillery, hanging out in some pubs, and otherwise enjoying what Ireland was to offer. Maybe I’ll get to break loose from the planned activities and hit a local record store.

Anyway, on to the whiskey songs:

“Take Your Whiskey Home,” Van Halen. When I decided to put together a whiskey list, I knew I had to open with a sentimental favorite from VH. OW! WOO! OW!

“Whiskey in the Jar,” Thin Lizzy. Do I stick with the deep cuts theme and go for the lesser known Metallica cover, or do I stick with the classic original? Phil Lynott wins that battle every time.

“Whiskey & Wimmen,” John Lee Hooker. Can’t say enough about the great John Lee Hooker. One of my favorites.

“Whiskey Man,” The Who. Your Mod moment for the day: One from the late great John Entwistle.

“Moodswing Whiskey,” Jeff Buckley. From the posthumous Mystery White Boy album:

“Whiskey Train,” Procol Harum. This is one of those bands that’s kind of a victim of their own success. To hear classic format radio (including the online on demand incarnations), Procol Harum’s entire career was “Whiter Shade of Pale,” but those guys rocked. Check out the boogie groove on this cut:

“Nancy Whiskey,” Shane Macgowan and the Popes.

“Drinkin’ Whiskey,” Laurel Aitken. I picked this one up on a compilation CD, so I know there are cleaner versions of this seriously deep (and awesome) cut out there.

And there’s your eight whiskey songs. Say hi to the future for me.

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