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From the Stacks: The Partridge Family – Shopping Bag

Partridge Family Shopping Bag FrontOh, marketing departments. Sometimes you simply run out of ideas, don’t you? I’d love to have the strategy meeting notes for this one:

Partridge Family Shopping Bag GatefoldJan. 3, 1972: All present agreed we need to follow A Partridge Family Christmas Carol with a strong release, this after Larry’s tired rant about how A Partridge Family in a Pear Tree was a better holiday album title.

Bert proposed including a giveaway that would appeal to the school-aged kids who are the band’s target demographic. He noted that the hamburger chain McDonald’s is experimenting with adding toys to their meals.

Clive seconded the motion but reminded the team that there aren’t many flat toys.

Jerry suggested a plastic bag because kids love plastic shopping bags.

Larry threw his highball in Jerry’s face and stormed out after screaming, “You sabotaged ‘Pear Tree’ you son of a bitch.” The motion carried.

And that’s exactly what happened: They gave the album the super sexy title Shopping Bag and enclosed a shopping bag; you know, for the kids. The final product went gold, and was David’s last album before going solo.

You’ll find this one in the five dollar range. Happy hunting.

Partridge Family Shopping Bag bag

Partridge Family Shopping Bag Back

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  1. Oh dear, did I actually watch The Partridge Family all those years ago? Yes, but just for the song. We all wanted to look like David C. before David B. (Bowie) came along. It was fine if you had straight hair but long wavy hair never really worked. Listening to Cassidy’s songs now, he did have a good voice, and it’s nice to see him still around. Good blog for bringing back memories of happy teen days.


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