Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: The Best of Non-Jane’s Addiction

Satellite PartyJane’s Addiction is like your slutty girlfriend who no matter how much she fools around she’s just too great to cut loose. The band is coming up on 30 years together in various incarnations (they swap bass players like Spinal Tap swaps drummers), and during that time the members have enjoyed numerous solo and side projects.

I love that the Jane’s guys have flexed their creative muscles whenever and wherever they wanted to. I’ve left out the non-recording side projects, but they’re pretty awesome, too.

So here we go: A bunch of great Jane’s-related cuts you may have missed:

Xiola,” Psi Com. This is where it begins, with singer Perry Farrell’s pre-Jane’s band. After Psi Com’s break up, Perry met future Jane’s bassist Eric Avery, courtesy of their mutual friend, Jane.

“Rexall,” Dave Navarro. The guitarist’s 2001 album is definitely worth a listen.

“Punk It Up,” Infectious Grooves. After Jane’s initial breakup, drummer Stephen Perkins took up with the Suicidal Tendencies guys and created the plague that makes your booty move.

“Tahitian Moon,” Porno For Pyros. Stephen also hooked up with Perry in Porno For Pyros. The band made two albums and had a little hit with “Pets,” but this cut off of the Good God’s Urge album has a mood that I’ve always appreciated.

“Kilo,” Deconstruction. Bassist Eric Avery and guitarist Dave Navarro hooked up for this 1994 album. It’s an interesting slice of ’80s style moodiness.

“Aeroplane,” Red Hot Chili Peppers. RHCP runs through guitarists like Jane’s runs through bassists. Dave Navarro was a member of the band for the One Hot Minute album.

“Wish Upon a Dog Star,” Satellite Party. A really interesting project from Perry. Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt played guitar on this album, but quit the band before they toured.

“Oh My People,” Banyan. A jazz-flavored project from Stephen Perkins that is a great showcase from the drummer’s significant talent.

“Song Yet to be Sung,” Perry Farrell. Perry’s solo album didn’t do too much for me, but this was a solid cut.

“Water,” Polar Bear. Another Eric Avery post-Jane’s project, and a bit of a cult classic.

“Teahouse of the Spirits,” The Panic Channel. Dave and Stephen along with non-Eric Avery Jane’s bassist Chris Chaney put this album out back in 2006.

“Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey,” Jane’s Addiction and Body Count. During 1991’s Lollapalooza tour Body Count’s Ice-T used to join Jane’s on stage for this Sly and the Family Stone classic. Although never officially released as an audio recording, this track appeared in Gift, the Jane’s Addiction movie.

“I Make My Own Rules,” LL Cool J, Flea, Dave Navarro, and Chad Smith. The Chili Peppers lineup minus Anthony plus LL Cool J. This is from the Private Parts soundtrack, which also featured a one off Porno for Pyros cut, “Hard Charger.”


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