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From the Stacks: Guns N’ Roses — Appetite For Destruction Alternative Album

Guns N Roses Alternative AppetiteWhat’s this, a second Appetite? Well, yes and no.

This Spanish bootleg was released a couple of years ago in a limited edition of 100 colored vinyl copies, or so the back cover says. But come on: It’s a bootleg. Why would I believe that it was limited to any more than the weasels could sell?

Let’s set my suspicions aside, though, and focus on the music. For Gunners fans this is a pretty sweet package, offering alternate and demo versions of the greatest hard rock album of the ’80s.

And the album cover reproduces the original withdrawn Appetite cover by Rob’t Williams, so it has that going for it, too.

You’re going to pay around sixty bucks for this one if you can find it anywhere, but I’ll sell you mine for a bajillion. Happy hunting.

Guns N Roses Alternative Appetite back

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