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Annie’s Indies: Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

Ed Schrader 1Writer/photographer Anne-Marie Schiefer is automatic when it comes to spotting cool new bands. She’s my go-to resource for all things indie, and she’s nailed a great one this time. Here you go:

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is currently touring with buzz band Future Islands. This duo is all about a minimal approach to music. They show up on stage with nothing but a drum, a bass guitar and pedal stand, and a few spotlights they control with their feet. The music is driven by the beat of the drum that goes from tribal to hard-hitting punk within seconds.

Schrader, who is a seasoned musician that plays the drum and sings, is a Baltimore native that is clearly unfazed by the gimmick of what “indie band” has come to mean. His sidekick and bassist Devlin Rice appear like normal dudes, but when you put them on stage their witty banter comes off more stand-up comedy than serious stage performance. Yet, it’s like you’re watching something fresh and unrehearsed and the duo make you feel connected like you are seeing something spontaneous and creative (which you probably are).

Ed Schrader 2They sing about everything from doing burnouts in a Denny’s parking lot to the fighters in WWE to a romantic train ride. Schrader has a surprisingly clear and strong singing voice that you don’t usually hear from modern punk rock singers.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is about to release their follow-up album to Jazz Band later this year. I recommend grabbing it when it drops and finding out if they are touring near you. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more dynamic duo that can capture the amount of visceral energy of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat.


—-photos/text/video Anne-Marie Schiefer

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