April’s Picks: May 2014

April MoseleyAfter a brief break in April, April is back. Yep, our friend April has a killer May playlist for you.
Ready? Let’s get to it:

1.) “What A Shame,” The Strypes (Snapshot). “What a shame, that they won’t ever let you be.” Energetic and confident, these guys have the chops to back it up. Hailing from Ireland, the four man band is comprised of teenagers from the ages of 16-18 years old. A solid debut (full length). They are the real deal.
2.) “Airwaves,” Ray LaMontange (Supernova). “Everybody’s movin’ so fast. Makes you feel like your already part of the past.” Warm, textured and laid back, this is the perfect song for a summer afternoon with a cold beer. Ray channels Van Morrison. That’s a good thing.
3.) “Down,” The Kooks (Down EP). “You can’t break a man that’s already down.” A quirky, little gem of a song. The track showcases Luke Pritchard’s raspy, rock voice. Instrumentation is tight throughout, as the song reveals its multiple personalities.
4.) “Midnight Driver of a Love Machine,” Winger (Better Days Comin‘). “Mysterious lover in my darkest dream. She’s a midnight driver of a love machine.” Ah, yes. Winger is back. This cut comes correct with some great backing whoo-hoos, a shredding guitar solo, and some pretty sweet double bass footwork from drummer, Rob Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band).
5.) “Where I’m From,” Eels (TheCautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett). “Let’s have a drink to everything that we went through. It wasn’t always so bad.” A sweet acoustic tune anchored by Everett’s melodic tenor. A beautiful nugget of nostalgia. This song really resonated for me.
6.) “Turtles All The Way Down,” Sturgill Simpson (Metamodern). “So to each their own till we go home to other realms our souls must roam. To and through the myth that we all call space and time.” This is classic 1970s-era country music with a touch of psychedelia. A little weird, yet comforting. Which is exactly how life can be. A wonderful throwback.
7.) “1998‘” Chet Faker (Built On Glass). “I don’t understand what I have become to you.” Coolly detached yet unapologetically visceral, this track is hypnotic and well produced. Six minutes is over too fast.
8.) “Keys On The Table,” Desert Noises (27 Ways). “You could give me a smile, I could give you mine.” A wayward love song set to a telling musical tapestry. I could easily hear Tom Petty rocking this one.
9.) “Algiers,” Afghan Whigs (Do To The Beast). “Dream, dream your sins away. Sing your dreams away.” The Cincinnati, OH group sounds cohesive as ever. Thick guitar sound, crisp bass lines and Greg Dulli’s signature warble.
10.) “Hey Blue Eyes,” Bruce Springsteen (American Beauty EP). “She says, ‘In this house it’s so easy to set a world on fire. All you need is the need and the money and a soul full of reckless desire.” This song captures Bruce’s penchant to weave a tale of the demons that plague the everyday folk. Warm, yet haunting. Great backing vocals and lyrics.

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  1. Awesome job again, April! You were so right about “Airwaves” – was sure wishing I was kicked by in yard chair with a beer in my hand:) Always look forward to your selections!


  2. I have been really digging that new Ray LaMantage album. Very much a lazy summer day vibe. Have you listened to the new War on Drugs? Their album has that same feel going on. Both are already on my regular rotation.


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