Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: California Songs

CaliforniaWhether the leaves are brown and the skies are gray, you want to go back go back go back there, or you wish the women in your life all could be from there, California has been song fodder for years.

But this is Deep Cuts, so we’ll skip the easy tracks and pony up some obscure Cali cuts. Ready, dude? Fer sure:

“California Man,” Cheap Trick

“California Luau,” Flat Duo Jets

“Holly Wants to go to California,” Funkadelic

“California,” Unified Theory

“Back From Cali,” Slash featuring Miles Kennedy

California Sun,” Ramones

“Northern California Blues,” Camper Van Beethoven

I Remember California,” R.E.M.

“In California,” Joanna Newsom

“California,” Blind Melon

Okay, people. Bust out your Tupac and your Tony Bennett and lay those Cali songs on me. I’m listening.

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  1. OK, weird. “California Dreamin'” popped into my head yesterday as I was doing some routine straightening up around the house. Then thought, ” I wonder why James has not done a post on California songs? Huh.”

    Yes, son, I can read your mind.


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