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From The Stacks: Ramones – Road to Ruin

EPSON scanner imageOne last road record before I move onto other topics. Five years after Elton’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Roadit was gabba gabba hey time for a new lineup of the Ramones. Tommy moved off of the drum throne for this, their fourth album, making room for new drummer Marky.  The sound was poppier, the cover art designed by a fan, and the running length over thirty minutes for the first time.

Was Road to Ruin the beginning of the end?

Some thought so. The album didn’t chart as well as previous releases, and the critics weren’t very kind to it. But who cares? If the only thing Road to Ruin accomplished was bringing the world this tasty cut it would be a classic:

Your best bet on this one as a collectible is a colored vinyl copy, which will run you about 20 bucks. If you’re in it for the music, look for the Rhino re-release with bonus tracks. Happy hunting.

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