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My Life With Thrill Kill Kult: Hermosa Beach, CA, 5/29/14


My Life With Thrill Kill Kult recently took the stage at Saint Rocke on the first leg of their US tour in support of Spooky Tricks, released in May. Long time fans will not be disappointed as Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy still have what it takes to get the crowd up and psyched for a deliciously sinful time. Fans came dressed to the nines in their leather knee high boots, chains, corsets, black eyeliner, and sexy rebel attitudes. As the heavy bass lines and distorted guitar pumped through the speakers, Groovie Man walked slowly down the hallway and onto the red hot stage, igniting the eager fans in the audience.

With nearly 30 years under their belts of performing live, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy are no strangers to the stage and clearly revel in the adoration of the crowd. Like when front man Groovie Mann saunters across stage and leans to the crowd coaxing them to enter into his lair of lust filled musical theatrics.

Which worked, as the fans sang every song and danced every hip rolling dance along with him as a constant stream of video playing alternating between lava lamp psychedelic designs and what looked like vintage footage from the ”60s. It all made for a killer show that hit just the right sexy, vampy note for their faithful fans and new admirers.

If you’re ready to see a badass show of sexy-psych-industrial-original EDM-rebel rock then get over to the Thrill Kill Kults show in your neighborhood.

­Set List

  • Room On the Moon
  • Do U Fear?
  • Neon Diva
  • Continental Touch
  • Spooky Tricks
  • Lucifer’s Flowers
  • The Way We Live Now
  • Burning Dirt
  • Swine & Roses
  • Daisy Chain
  • Monti Karlo
  • Delicate Terror
  • Devil Does


  • Rivers of Blood
  • Death Threat
  • Chemical Cop Out
  • Hot Blood Risin’


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Words and photos by Anne-Marie Schiefer @allmyannie

Originally posted at The Good Men Project

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