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From the Stacks: Gong – Gazeuse!

Gong GazeuseCool album cover, huh? There’s a gnarly story behind this one, so get comfortable.

Gong was a trippy, spacey, prog rock band formed in 1967 by former Soft Machine member Daevid Allen. They were one of those revolving door bands that changed lineups every time the milk spoiled, and as as a result some really great musicians did tours of duty as Gongoloids. King Crimson’s Bill Bruford had a run, for example.

In 1973 percussionist PIerre Moerlen joined the lineup while pulling double duty for Virgin label mate Mike Oldfield for Tubular Bells. At some point Moerlen left the band, but in ’75 he was back and sharing leadership. After a run of eight albums none of the original members remained, and shortly after rejoining the band was completely Moerlen’s.

Out went the prog rock and in came the jazz fusion. Moerlen brought guitar genius Allan Holdsworth on board, and a whole new Gong was born.

The band was now known as Pierre Moerlen’s Gong and Gazeuse! was retitled Expresso in America. Why? To make things as confusing as possible, I guess.

An original pressing of Gazeuse! with poster still intact will run you about 30 bucks; as Expresso the same pressing will run you about ten dollars less. Later printings fetch five bucks or so. Happy hunting.

Gong Gazeuse back


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  1. Not my cup of tea, but sounds like they could have made a killing doing some mid-70s crime drama movie soundtracks.


  2. Excellent band. I´ve always prefered Pierre´s Gong. Very underrated Prog and Fusion. Gazeuse! is a brilliant album. It has Francis Mose on bass, with the following album the epic Hansford Rowe came aboard. I think Pierre and Benoit have created something quite unique here, a prog band around vibraphones and xylophones. It works brilliant. Certainly one of my fav bands.


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