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From the Stacks: David Bowie – The Complete BBC Sessions Part 2: The Sun Machine is Coming Down

David Bowie Sun MachineAbout ten years ago Bowiephiles finally got an official release of The Thin White Duke’s BBC sessions. I greeted the collection with mixed emotions as I’d held onto my BBC Sampler, which was trading for about 500 bucks at the time.  The sampler was a promo for an official release that never happened and thus the rarity, so when the official release dropped there went both the value and my bragging rights.

The good news, though, was that we finally had the complete BBC recordings, or did we? Of course not. The clue was right there in the subtitle of the official release: The Best of the BBC Sessions 68-72.

And that brings us to this tasty little nugget from my stacks.

The Complete BBC Sessions bootleg series promises to fill the historical gaps left by the official release. On Sun Machine we get the following unreleased cuts:

  • “Buzz the Fuzz”
  • “An Occasional Dream”
  • “Fill Your Heart”
  • “The Prettiest Star”

Is 30-35 bucks too much to pay for four tracks you can’t get remastered on an official release? I guess that depends on the severity of your record geekdom. Speaking of which, I’ll sell you a BBC Sampler for $250. Happy Hunting.

David Bowe Sun Machine back

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