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From The Stacks: Tarney/Spencer Band-Three’s A Crowd

Tarney Spencer Band Threes A Crowd front Here’s the second of three albums from Australia’s Tarney/Spencer Band, manufacturers of non-threatening late seventies radio rock.

That’s not to say that it’s bad. The riffs are pretty cool, the harmonies are solid, and the hooks are catchy. Check out “I Can Hear Love,” for example, which sounds a bit like the mellow older brother of Sniff ‘N’ the Tears’s “Driver’s Seat:”

I’ll be honest: Aside from the glorious “No Time to Lose” there isn’t really anything in this band’s catalog that Tarneys my Spencer, but I dig this album cover. Sure, it’s a bit too literal of an interpretation of the album title, but it’s sexy and the diner coaster shape is a cool touch. Socks and sandals, though? Maybe she was German, or a future ZZ Top girl.

You can find this one in the dollar bin of your local charity or record shop, or you can find it on the online auction sites for around five bones. Happy hunting.

Tarney Spencer Band Threes A Crowd back

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