Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Making Movies

moviesI now had three movie credits, even if I wasn’t credited in two of them: 1969, where I offered Robert Downey, Jr.’s character LSD; The Judas Project, which filmed while I was in Savannah but still hadn’t been released, where I was just another extra; and now Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders, where I’d spent a day hauling pallets around the set.

I wasn’t exactly setting the movie world on fire, but it was fun. I loved being on movie sets, at least when I wasn’t doing heavy manual labor. I’m a lover, not a pallet hauler.

Movie songs, let’s do it:

“Riding With A Movie Star,” L7. Remember L7? What bad asses. Turn it up:

“Dirty Movies,” Van Halen. In retrospect, Fair Warning is my favorite Van Halen album. I didn’t give it quite the same warm reception when I bought the 8-track at the ripe old age of fourteen.

“Movies,” Alien Ant Farm. It’s a fun video. Come on!

“Life the Movie,” The Clutter Family. One of my favorite off the beaten path bands. You remain the man, Chris Hobbs—now stop Googling yourself.

“The Movie,” Aerosmith. A deep cut from their big comeback album, Permanent Vacation.

“No Bone Movies,” Ozzy Osbourne. And speaking of comebacks, they don’t come much bigger than Blizzard of Ozz.

“Yet Another Movie,” Pink Floyd.

“The Cosmic Movie,” The Doors. This is a strange one by The Doors from Stoned Immaculate, which was a tribute to—you guessed it—The Doors.

“Skateaway,” Dire Straits. Not a deep cut, but the definitive “making movies” earworm, and this old Fridays clip is pretty sweet.

Quick, before the previews are over tell me your movie songs. I’m listening.



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  1. “Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott” – The Statler Brothers
    “It’s All In The Movies” – Merle Haggard
    “Act Naturally” – The Beatles


  2. Argh, you beat me to “skataway” – there is not a lot on Dire Straits in this book, but I figured you must have a little love for them. I have a lot of love, and was very excited to finally have a cut to add…..oh well. I’ve gotten one in three years, but I do keep trying.


      • Oh no, you leave plenty of room, I just suck at the “Deep Cuts” posts. Robbo up there banged out three, no problem. I’ve even cheated a few times and used The Google! I just need to harness the ADD and focus. 🙂


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