April’s Picks: July 2014

april picksThe great April is back from her monthly global hunt for the finest, vine-ripened music she can find. This month found her kidnapped by a group of keytar-obsessed Pygmies, and as a guest at Dick Cheney’s Montana ranch, where he showed off his collection of percussion instruments made from the bones of his enemies.

So what else did she find? Let’s take a look:


Photographs (feat. Samantha Marq),” A Bad Think (Sleep). “Don’t be sad when all the photographs have lost their perfect pose.” I love this track because though the vibe may be slightly melancholy the lyrics are of hope. It is crafted with pristine production and bookended by Michael Marquart’s honest vocals and musicianship. Marquart’s daughter adds sublime backing vocals.

Check it out here.

Stolen Dance,” Milky Chance (Stolen Dance EP). “I want you. We can bring it to the floor.” An entrancing guitar riff over a simple click track grabs you attention immediately. The melodic, yet raspy voice of lead singer, Clemens Rehbein, grounds this send up to broken relationships.

Good Things,” Rival Sons (Great Western Valkyrie). “Sometimes it’s someone down the road, sometimes it’s somebody next to you.” A gritty, slow burning blues track. This song’s sound and ideology harken back to The Animals “House of the Rising Sun.” with mournful organs and lyrics laden with warning

Gimme Something Good,” Ryan Adams (Ryan Adams). “All my life been shakin’, wanting something, holding everybody back” The North Carolina native returns with this bluesy rock track. Accented by chunky guitars and a soaring chorus, this is a surprisingly accessible single.

I Think I Found the Culprit,” Jack White (Lazaretto). “Birds of a feather may lay together, but the uglier one is always under the gun.” Stark and unflinchingly honest, Jack White delivers a manifesto on the state of the world and how we distract ourselves from the atrocities that happen every day: self-medication via television.

You Or No One,” Chrissie Hynde (Stockholm). “Love is a hurting thing. It doesn’t go away. Forever is a long time to wait for you to say.” Light and atmospheric, this cut celebrates Ms. Hynde’s velvety voice. She hasn’t lost a step.

What’s Your Secret,” Syd Arthur (Sound Mirror). “I don’t want to remember how it felt last night.” Liam Magill gently leads you into this track with his delicate falsetto. Then he and his bandmates take your hand through this complex song that features strings and time changes. This is a heady concoction that goes down smooth.

 Check it out here.

Stay,” Vacationer (Relief). “Want you to taste summer winds as they’re gustin’ around.” This is an odd little tune that rewards you the longer you listen. The cinematic opening gives way to an electro-tropical feel which gives this song a true uniqueness.

Check it out here.

555,” Phish (Fuego). “If I don’t break away clean, I might stray from the scene, make an escape when it arrives: 555.” Slinky and sexy, Trey and the boys bring the soul. Great backing vocals and horns authenticate their sound.

Burn,” Somekindawonderful (Somekindawonderful). “I need a drink before I even step into your door. M’love never turn on me.” Raucous, ska-influenced this is a Friday afternoon, crack a cold one kind of romp. Cheers!

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