Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Soda Songs

soda songs“Wow, that’s a lot of Coke” turned out to be an ad for Little Caesar’s Pizza. In the finished commercial a nerdy dude holding a large tub of soda sits down and his chair collapses. What does he say? You guessed it: “Cheap fucking piece of shit IKEA chair!” No, of course he says, “Wow, that’s a lot of Coke.”

Refreshing carbonated beverages have made their way into several songs. Here are a few from my personal playlist.

“RC Cola and a Moon Pie,” NRBQ. Best nearly 50 year-old still active band you’ve never heard of? Probably.

“Coke After Coke (Coke 2),” The Who. This is from The Who Sell Out, which just might be the most listenable album in The Who’s brilliant discography. It’s a bit of a concept album, said concept being a pirate radio station with commercials bridging the songs. This groovy little cut appears at the end of “Glittering Girl.” A second Coke commercial appears at the end of “Early Morning Cold Taxi.”

“Pork Soda,” Primus. Les Claypool’s eccentric band looked like it was going to be huge after “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver,” but they veered into weirder territory with Pork Soda. It didn’t hurt their reputation with their loyal fan base, though, and that’s what really matters.

“This Is Pop,” XTC. What’s that? I’m being told they weren’t talking about carbonated beverages.

“Don’t Sniff Coke,” Pato Banton. What’s that? I’m being told Pato was talking about XTC.

“Institutionalized,” Suicidal Tendencies. The greatest soda cameo of all time? Maybe.

“Lola,” The Kinks. The greatest soda cameo of all time? Definitely.

“Soda Pop,” John Fogerty. The Artist Formerly Known as CCR emulating the Artist At That Time And Again Currently Known As Prince? The ’80s were a strange decade.

That’s it for me. Can you put the lime in the coconut and list some more sugary songs? I’m listening.


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  1. Kim Mitchell, “Go For A Soda.”

    A bit obscure; Mitchell’s a Canadian artist and I had a Canadian roommate in college who used to crank this up all the time. Methinks Nickelback might have been influenced by this guy a bit… but I don’t hold that against him. 😉 Fun little tune.


  2. Wow, never heard “the Who” one, and I thought I was pretty much settled into being able to achieve a fairly decent grade on “The Who” quiz – but…..if a question would have been, “Did the Who ever sing a Coke commercial?” I would have been very confident in my resounding ” No!”

    I love being schooled like this before noon. Added bonus, it is awesome.


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