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Kitten Live in Costa Mesa

Kitten scaled 1

A feral cat, that’s what Chloe Chadiez is like when she performs on stage as Kitten. She brings the raw energy of a teenager (she’s only 19) and the skills of a seasoned performer.

At Southern California local hot spot, The Wayfarer (previously the Detroit Bar), Chadiez took the stage among the cheers of screaming fans. She stood with her back to the crowd, arms out stretched, in a mini circle skirt, nylons and lace top with her feet bare (how she usually performs).

She spun around and belted out Why I Wait as her energetic fans went from cheering to singing in one seamless motion. Her entire set of new wave leaning rock is high energy. She knows how to charm her fans; she let them sing into the mic, she rode their shoulders into the crowd and even brought one girl on stage to dance.

And Chadiez is a dancer. There isn’t a moment she isn’t jumping, swirling, or gyrating on stage. She closed her set with Kill the Lights, just her and her acoustic guitar singing with her fans to what I suspect is their (and maybe hers) most beloved Kitten song. Chadiez’s encore closed out the show with her doing backhand springs across the stage (which is the first time she’s ever done that during a live show). She was a gymnast as a kid and those skills are definitely coming in handy now that she’s a rock star.

Find Kitten’s LP at a fine retailer near you, and you’ll no doubt soon be headed to your local hotspot to see this feral cat let loose.

Set List

Why I Wait

Japanese Eyes

Cut it Out

Like a Stranger


Take My Breath Away (cover)

I’ll Be Your Girl

Apples and Cigarettes

Sex Drive



Kill the Light (Acoustic)







By Anne-Marie Schiefer




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