On My Turntable: Dog Fashion Disco – Sweet Nothings

Dog Fashion Disco Sweet Nothings This is a weird fucking record, and I say that with love and respect.

I’m going to assume that you like your metal mixed with ska, funk, Sabbath, boom boom bap pop, deranged circus music, and industrial ear canal sodomy. Who doesn’t, right?

DFD went defunct in 2007, so it’s a real treat to see a new album from Baltimore’s strangest sons since John Waters. Sweet Nothings contains 13 tracks that are anything but sweet, and they’re far from nothing.

Lead single “We Aren’t The World” sets the tone, sounding at once like the soundtrack to a Tim Burton Scooby-Doo reboot and the ghoulish metal of bands like Ghost:

The album features some brilliant straight, heavy moments, too. “Approach and Recede” is as good of a riff-driven headbanger as one can hope for, as is “Down the Rabbit Hole.” These guys are fierce, yet drummer John Ensminger‘s deep pocket borders on funk. Check out “Scarlet Fever” for a sample of Ensminger’s tasty drumming.

And just when I think I’ve got these guys figured out, “Tastes So Sweet” brings a chorus so poppy that I bust out my best Molly Ringwald dance. But where’s the disco? Good question. It’s there, you just need to wait for it:

This is a challenging record filled with light and dark, loud and soft,humor and drama. Highly recommended if you like to think while you listen.

You can download Sweet Nothings everywhere, and keep an eye on DFD’s Facebook page for tour dates.

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