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38 Special, Lincoln California, 08/09/14

Barnes Chauncey 2

I’d forgotten just how big 38 Special was during the 1980s, but their hit-packed set at Lincoln’s Thunder Valley Casino quickly remedied that. From opener “Rockin’ Into the Night” through encore “Hold On Loosely” front man Don Barnes led the crowd through a 5,000 person sing along. If you’re my age, these guys are an essential part of your personal soundtrack if for no other reason than they were everywhere in the early ’80s. It’s good to see them out there still—looking good, sounding good, and getting it done.

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  1. I met 38 Special. I was taking a communications course in technical school. A former student was working for the company that was producing the video for “Back Where You Belong”. They needed extras that were willing to work for free. My claim to fame is my appearance as a subway rider in the final scene. I’m the tall one standing (hanging) with both hands from the overhead handrail, looking out the window as the video credits come up (time stamp 4:10) Don’t blink. :p
    The local CBS affiliate did a piece on it. Our class made it on the news. I’ve got it on VHS somewhere, so now I’ll have to find and post it.
    They were a friendly bunch. They put up with a lot of really personal questions from my fellow classmates.
    I’ve been a fan even since. 🙂


      • Indeed. One of my classmates kept asking Donnie about his brother. It was a face/palm moment. But Donnie was patient and almost gracious. I guess he realized we were just a bunch of high schoolers who didn’t really know any better.

        Those are great pics, btw. I was so excited to share my moment of fame. Sorry for being so rude.


    • I met the band back in the 80s . Via a family member that was security roadie friend to the band. They spent a few nights on Long Islands North Shore New year’s eve. It was cool to meet them. Years later I got out of the Navy. Met up with some of my old friends. They still had contact with the band. They where playing at a beach club. Got invited back stage had a few cold ones. They let us stay while they went on stage. Very cool. This was the same day as the bombing in Atlanta during the Olympic games. They got off stage after playing a kick ass show and found out about the events. They went back to the tour bus and I was asked to come in. Again very cool. After a few moments the fans started to build outside. They asked me to talk with crowd of screaming ladies to let them know they would be right out. Again very cool. Good music good times cold beer and a some great memories. Rockin into the night.

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  2. Great photos!! My husband is the newest member of the .38 family–Barry Dunaway–we’re so blessed to be in the company of such awesome players and amazing human beings!! Thanks for capturing the moment in Lincoln, CA….Lydia Dunaway


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