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The Members, Sacramento 08/26/14


Oak Park’s Cafe Colonial welcomed the original “Sound of the Suburbs” last night. The Members haven’t played the US in 30 years, and only four times in their history. Playing as a trio due to an injury, front man JC Carroll was forced to take on bass duties on a week’s notice. You’ll never know it, though: He handles his Fender Six bass with ease.

Guitarist Nigel Bennett tore it up, giving the young bucks in the opening bands a taste of what 40 years of practice will do for a guy. The Vibrator’s “Baby Baby” in particular showcased Bennett’s gifts.

And back on the skins, drummer Nick Cash was rock steady, a punk rock mild-mannered Charlie Watts playing fast, tastefully, and with the slightest hint of a bemused smile.

Don’t be fooled: JC may tell you between songs that they’re old and fat, but The Members still play harder and with more joy than bands 40 years their junior.  They have a few dates left in their US run. Don’t miss ’em.


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