April’s Picks: September 2014

april picksThe great April is back with more new music for not so new ears. What did you find for you this this month? Let’s check it out:

1.) “Inside Out,” Spoon (They Want My Soul). “I don’t got time for holy rollers, but then they wash my feet. And I won’t be their soldier.” Dreamy and somewhat down tempo, this is a great chill tune. Anchored by the raw vocals.
2.) “Figure It Out,” Royal Blood (Royal Blood). “I’ll let it go ’cause I won’t see you later and I’m not allowed to talk it out.” Not a new rock song formula, but done with taste and precision. A solid groove to jam to.
3.) “Refuge,” The Antlers (Familiars). “When you lift me out of me will I know when I changed?” Sparse and beautiful. Haunting vocals paired with a hazy brass sound color this blissed out tune.
4.) “Violent Shiver,” Benjamin Booker (Benjamin Booker). “Goin’ across the might river, make a mile for me in the rain.” This dude is the real deal. At 25, a swath of potential lies in front of him, but don’t wait, enjoy this kicky, rock n roll jaunt now.
5.) “Miracle,” Kimbra (The Golden Echo). “No way to explain what’s happening inside of me.” Pure pop sugar, but I digress – I love to dance to this song. Kimbra may be pop, but she has the chops (she sang the female part in Goyte’s Somebody That I Used to Know).
6.) “Left Hand Free,” alt-J (This Is All Yours). “Pick a battle eenie meenie miney moe – hey flower you’re the chosen one.” Raw and sexy, Joe Newman and the boys nail this cowbell centric good time groove.
7.) “Take You Back,” Alex Clare (Three Hearts). “These streets raised me, taught me what’s fair, but you and I, girl, we got our future elsewhere.” Clare’s voice is very cinematic, he can sing you a movie and this one is no different. A song that is expansive and vast.
8.) “Waves,” Bahamas (Bahamas Is Afie). “And when I knew I’d become the ocean’s slave, I just stayed.” Easy and free, this track rises and falls like the waves depicted in the song’s lyrics. A wonderful tune to end the summer. You can check it out on Spotify.
9.) “Seeds of Gold,” Closure in Moscow (Pink Lemonade). “You supplicate from the place I dare not tread and ask me to lay myself bare.” Upbeat, multifaceted and intelligent, this song is accessible, yet retains a bit of aloofness. This band has a compelling sound that is hard to define.
10.) “Wonderful Way,” Wunder Wunder (Everything Infinite). “I never wanted you to be ignored, I’ll keep this promise true, to be adored.” Refined Eighties synth pop with strong verse and chorus. Sincerity and urgency lends character to this track. You can check it out on Spotify.

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