From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Don Nedobeck’s Northwater Street Tavern Band-Moonlight, Milorganite, and You

Don Nedobeck frontI own records that sound like shit. I own records that look like shit. This may be the only record in my stacks about shit.

I’m not even going to try to tell this nitrogen-rich tale. Let’s just go to the liner notes, grammatical errors and all:

Milwaukee—a city known for its many ethnic festivals, authentic “Old Time” German and Polish music, and production of vast quantities of beer—is the home base for one of the workingest and most entertaining dixieland bands in the country—the “North Water Street Tavern Band.” Milwaukee is also noted for another rather unique product Milorganite®. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage Commission collects, recycles and activates sewage sludge right on the premises at the Jones Island Treatment Plant. Milorganite® is the favorite fertilizer of groundskeepers and gardeners across the country and as such deserves some recognition.

Jack Consoer (pronounced by some Con “Sewer”) was, as if by fate, inspired to write a tender love song about Busha and Milorganite®—“The Milorganite Blues.” This tribute was the brain child of Don Nedobeck who had been doing the tune in 3/4 gibberish and 1/4 pidgin Polish. Consoer’s lyrics pulled everything together and is a fine example that love and romance can be found anywhere—even at the sewage treatment plant.

Six unique musicians, activated sewage sludge, and traditional Dixieland tunes are the ingredients that make “Moonlight, Milorganite®, and You” a unique adventure into the fantasyland of the “Northwater Street Tavern Band”. Enjoy!

I have no idea how much this beast is worth. There are a couple for sale on an auction site for ten bucks, but no final sales yet. I picked this copy up in a charity chop for two bones.

A 36 pound bag of Milorganite® will run you about 15 dollars.

Please welcome Don Nedobeck’s Northwater Street Tavern Band Moonlight, Milorganite, and You to the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.


Don Nedobeck back

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