Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: The Best of Aftershock 2014

dont stop rockingI spent the past weekend like a blister in the sun at Sacramento’s Aftershock Festival. Sweet Gordon’s Gano was it hot.

Also hot? Most of the 46 acts sprawled across Discovery Park’s four stages. I was running from stage to stage with the press folks, so I only managed to catch around 35 of the performers; on the other hand, I caught 35 of the performers. It was exhausting.

The good news? There’s some great music out there, so let’s get to it:

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Indian Blood,” The Last Internationale. A new band with a familiar face on drums: That’s Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk.

“High Road,” Mastodon. I first saw Mastodon live close to ten years ago and I didn’t get the hype, but their new album, Once More Around the Sun, is a monster. It’s been in my power rotation all week.

“Lemon Scent,” Dead Sara. I’m late to the party on this one, but better late than never. Good stuff.

“Electric Halo,” Kyng. These guys really grabbed me. It’s great to hear a metal singer with an upper register.

“No Control,” Pepper. These guys have great stage presence and some funky bass lines. That’s all I need, just some funky bass. And this chair. And this paddle ball game….

“I Get Along With the Devil,” Anti-Mortem. These guys are from Oklahoma, and in case you weren’t aware of that they walk on-stage to the old show tune “Oklahoma!” But from there it’s a mix of southern rock and face melting metal that’s well worth your concert dollar.

“My Dying Time,” Black Label Society. BLS just gets it done. That’s as tight of a unit as you’ll ever see on stage.

“Thiskidsnotalright,” AWOLNATION. I have no idea what AWOLNATION was doing on a bill this heavy, but it was cool to see them.

“I Smell A Massacre,” Butcher Babies. Let’s say that you want to rock but you also want to be turned on; also, you want to scare the pee out of yourself. Go see the Butcher Babies. You’re welcome.

“Superbeast,” Rob Zombie. If you’ve never seen Rob Zombie live, get on that. There are a lot of great bands coming to a venue near you, but there aren’t a lot of great shows. Rob Zombie is up there near the top of the heap. He learned well from mentors like Alice Cooper and KISS.

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  1. Wow, great coverage. I’ve got some new music to sink my teeth into. All the photos are outstanding. I am having some left coast envy!


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