From the Stacks

From The Stacks: The Finger-We Are Fuck You

The Finger We Are Fuck You

By the end of this little article you’ll be set to win Hipster Trivia at your local bar’s PBR night. Ready?

The Finger was a short-lived punk collaboration between Ryan Adams (yes, that Ryan Adams) and D Generation’s Jesse Malin. They recorded two EPs, one of which also was named We Are Fuck You, and in 2003 they compiled them into the album above.

It isn’t bad punk by any stretch, but aside from the cover art there’s nothing here that really stands out. The production is solid, and the performance occasionally borders on Rollins era Black Flag:

The Finger We are Fuck You alternateAnd speaking of Black Flag, the cover art for the original We Are Fuck You EP is really reminiscent of those classic Raymond Pettibon sleeves, isn’t it?

From a collectible point of view, the vinyl EP is what you want. That runs in the $40-$50 range. You can find the CD compilation of the two Finger EPs for ten bucks or so. Happy hunting.


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