From the Stacks

From The Stacks: Jane’s Addiction-A Cabinet of Curiosities

Janes COC1Oh, box sets, you’ll be the death of me.

I can’t pass them up. The b-sides, the booklets, the demos and live tracks. I am a sucker for box sets.

Normally the packaging doesn’t do much for me. I didn’t fall for the Iron Maiden box with the flashing Eddie eyes or the KISS box packaged in a miniature guitar case. But come on: this is Jane’s Addiction.

In terms of content, Cabinet of Curiosities doesn’t disappoint. There are weird little fetish objects (pseudo Tarot cards and worry dolls), a nice little booklet with photos of old handbills and sundry other goodies. The enclosed DVD includes Soul Kiss, the Nothing’s Shocking era video that was previously only available on VHS.

For a geek like me who has spent way too much money on Jane’s bootlegs, there aren’t many surprises in the music department, but that doesn’t mean that getting official versions of the “Radio Tokyo” demos isn’t a treat. Not having to dig out my copy of Deadicated, the Grateful Dead tribute album, to play “Ripple” is pretty damned nice, too.

Here’s my quibble: There was a Best Buy exclusive version of Cabinet released with a fifth disc. Did I know that when I pre-ordered my deluxe copy from Super Mega Online Retailer? No, of course not. All I knew was that a “limited edition” box was coming, and I wanted to ensure that I got a copy. If I would’ve known there was an “even more limited limited edition” then I would’ve gone after that one.

It’s a hustle that’s all too common these days, these exclusive deals with retailers. Maybe they’re great, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a lazy fan who should’ve known better. Regardless, it pisses me off because now my Jane’s collection isn’t complete.

You can still buy A Cabinet of Curiosities brand new from Super Mega Online Retailer for 50 bucks. Used copies regularly trade in the 15-30 dollar range. Happy hunting.


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