Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs for Standing in Line

lines I never thought I’d feel nostalgic for lines, but there was something romantic about standing in line for tickets. Maybe it was the gathering of the tribe, all of those people drawn together for the same purpose. And unlike a DMV line or some such that purpose was so joyful.

On the other hand, sleeping in a parking lot probably isn’t the safest thing for these kids today with their rock and roll and their Fonzie, so maybe it’s for the best.

Anyway, we all still have to queue up for something, so we may as well make the best of it. Here are some cuts for your playlist about lines:

“Draw the Line,” Aerosmith. From the band’s most coked out album. The insane stories surrounding the making of this record are legend.

“I Got A Line On You,” Blackfoot. Spirit’s original cannot be denied, but Blackfoot was my first concert so I have a sentimental attachment to this cover.

“The Last In Line,” Dio. Come on — you didn’t really think I’d forget Dio, did you?

“Get Back In Line,”  The Kinks. I don’t know why I don’t talk about the Kinks more. I really dig them.

“The Thin Line,” Queensryche. I make no apologies for my love of the Empire album. It’s a solid record, among the best in its genre.

“Shadow Line,” The Fleshtones. One of my favorite cuts from Urgh! A Music War.

“The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat),” Peter Murphy. From the essential Deep. If you don’t have this one in your stacks get on that.

“The Line Begins to Blur,” Nine Inch Nails.

Okay, people. I’ve left you lots of line songs to add in the comments section. Lay them on me — no waiting. I’m listening.


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  1. “I Walk The Line” – Johnny Cash
    “Fine Line” – Paul McCartney
    “The Last Line” – Jimmy Buffett
    “White Line Fever” – Merle Haggard
    “Lines” – Waylon Jennings
    “I Got A Line On You” – Spirit
    “Farther Down The Line” – Lyle Lovett
    “Hold The Line” – Toto
    “Lay It On The Line” – Triumph
    “Rock Island Line” – Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Cash and others.


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