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From The Stacks: Led Zeppelin Reissues Swag

Zep giveaway 4Recently the next two Led Zeppelin remasters were released, Houses of the Holy, and Led Zeppelin IV. This brings to five the number of recent reissues, and five times I’ve resented having to buy the same goddamned albums again.

“Having to buy” obviously is inaccurate. Nobody is forcing me to purchase the latest set of reissues, but I suffer from completist syndrome. I don’t really care about the remastering, it’s the bonus tracks I want.

Somebody — Jimmy Page? Warner Music Group? — seems to understand that they need to sweeten the pot for Zeppelin fans sick of buying the same albums over and over. When I purchased the new Houses and IV earlier this week, I was handed a bag of various crud: a couple of flats to hang on the wall,  a postcard, and some buttons, all packaged in a brown bag reminiscent of In Through the Out Door’s packaging. The cashier noted that there was a lanyard, too, but I was too late to grab one of those.

None of this junk is essential, but it’s still cool. If you like collecting things you might want to get down to your local record store and scoop up a little swag for yourself. Happy hunting.

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