Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs About Change

Change Change is a bastard. Nothing leaves us feeling more naked and vulnerable (other than being naked) than having our little snowball shaken up. Whether the end result is good, bad, planned, unexpected, desired, or unwanted doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Most of the heated political rhetoric that we hear and sometimes repeat comes down to fear of change. Those shitty jobs and shittier relationships we endure? Fear of change. My underwear? Okay, I change that, as far as you know.

Fear of change is a universal emotion. Granted, I may be a bit more sensitive to it than you are, but the great unknown gives us all some degree of tummy ache.

That’s why putting together a playlist of songs about change is so damned easy — so easy, in fact, that I can make a whole playlist of one word songs. It’s almost too easy, but I made my mind up that this was this week’s topic. You wouldn’t really expect me to change plans, would you?

“Change,” Fishbone. This is one of those cuts I play whenever I pick up my guitar. I’ve been playing it for 25 years, and I still sound terrible. Some things never change.

Change,” Killing Joke. Great song, great band.

“Change,” Tears For Fears. The Hurting has remained in my rotation since it was released.  It’s one of my desert island discs.

“Change,” John Waite. I’ve always loved this song. Waite lost me with “Missing You,” but this track is power pop gold.

“Change,” Blind Melon. Oh, Shannon Hoon, you stupid bastard. Blind Melon’s self-titled album was so great, and he was such a wonderful singer. What a waste.

“Change,” Staind. This is in my stacks. I don’t know why, but it is.

“Changes,” Black Sabbath. Big scary Sabbath! Those guys were so talented and diverse. This track off of Vol. 4 has always been a favorite.

“Changes,” Yes. I’m not the biggest Yes fan, but they have their moments.

“Changes,” Joe K’s Kid. My Bowie collection includes a bunch of tribute albums, bootlegs, etc., so I have 19 versions of “Changes” in my playlist. As cool as that song is, you’ve heard it a billion times, so here’s a cover version. It’s not as good as the original, but what is?

There you have it: Nine “Change” or “Changes” songs. I usually only give you eight cuts, so there’s one extra in there. You can keep the change.


photo Flavio~ /Flickr Creative Commons

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