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From The Stacks: Don Croom – On With the Show

Don Croom frontAs you fans of Don Croom — or Croomsmen, as you like to be called — know, this is The Croom’s second album. You can’t afford polyester shirts like that without at least one album under your belt, after all.

On With the Show captures The Croom in all his glory on the pipe organ at a Fresno, California pizza restaurant. He rocks all the swingin’ hits that the kids today love: “Baby Elephant Walk,” “Misty,” “Feelings,” and of course, “A Fifth of Beethoven.” You might think that if you’ve heard one disco Beethoven cut played on a pizza restaurant pipe organ you’ve heard them all, but that’s because you’ve never heard Don Croom make it his own.

Don Croom detail See, there are many sides to Don Croom. He’s not just mustaches, gold chains, and butterfly collars. No, The Croom is a thinker and a ladies man. He’s so complex that only a multiple exposure studio portrait can capture the multifaceted Croom.

I have no idea what this record is worth. I don’t even know what it sounds like. I don’t know anything about Don Croom, either. Honestly, I picked this quality record up to induct it into the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.

I’m just having a little fun, Don, no disrespect or malice intended. I’m sure you make wonderful pizza pipe organ music.

Don Croom back

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  1. What luck! He’s from your neck of the woods. Maybe he’s still around. You should look him up for an interview, and then maybe a pizza.


  2. I have heard really good organ music. Remember Phantom of The Opera took place in Norte Dame Cathedral. Both the play and the old move started with some ver solid organ music.

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    • Hey, Bryan: That’s going to be a tough one. With local artists on tiny labels, finding copies is a real crapshoot. There’s a copy for sale on ebay as of the date of this reply, but it’s price seems awfully high to me. Also worth noting: ‘Why It Matters’ nor I have anything to do with that auction. The seller copied and pasted this post into his or her ebay listing, but we do not know this individual, nor did we approve that usage.


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