On Ultimate Classic Rock: Meet the ‘Other’ Magician Behind Pink Floyd’s Album Covers

87-pink-floyd-wish-you-were-hereI am a great admirer of Hipgnosis album covers. I’ve written about them here on Why It Matters, and I maintain a little gallery of their 190 sleeves so that you can enjoy them, too.

Back at the end of July 2014, a gentleman named Anthony Manning got in touch. He noted that his father, Richard, worked on some of those Hipgnosis sleeves.

I contacted Richard and we conducted a short email interview. My original plan was to post the result here on WIM, but I liked what he had to say so much that I decided to pitch it to some outlets first.

It took a few months, but Ultimate Classic Rock finally accepted it. The release of the new Pink Floyd album was the hook, though Mr. Manning’s credits over his long history with Hipgnosis include much more than just the Floyd.

I’m so pleased to introduce the wonderfully talented Mr. Manning to an audience who has known his work for years but didn’t know him. Enjoy:

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